Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Look Who's Back!

Have two years really gone by that fast? Looking back at the posts I made in high school, I can't help but smile, it seems like eons ago and yet, simultaneously, almost as if it were yesterday.

Anyway, about a month ago, someone whose opinion I greatly value took me by surprise by mentioning my blog and how I haven't posted in so long. Partially flattered and partially stricken with nostalgia, I've decided to revamp the blog's design and continue to post just because! Maybe it'll inspire me to stop procrastinating on craft projects, maybe it will be a nice record of the random stuff I get myself caught up in, but mostly it just will just be.

So, rather than picking up where I left off, I will pick up where I am now. I'm working on an mid-18th Century costume to wear this upcoming Military History Fest and without a doubt, shoes can make or break a historical impression.

Luckily, American Duchess exists and she sells beautiful reproduction shoes for all the eras I am interested in, most notably the 18th Century (surprised? you shouldn't be).

Indulging myself in the Bastille Day sale, I purchased a pair of un-dyed shoes on sale and was able to pick out a pair of free buckles which is fantastic.

Here are the un-dyed shoes, the buckles, shoe dye and all the other goodies that came in the box.

Here are the finished shoes after I painted the dye on and installed the buckles. Truth be told, I'm not sure quite how the buckles are to stay put, but I followed the tutorial faithfully and they look good here despite my lack of clocked stockings.

If I'm feeling really ambitious, I might post about the chemise, stays (corset), and petticoats that I have painstakingly sewn entirely by hand this past year. Even though being a costume designer for theatrical productions has eased the idea of practicality verses accuracy into my mind, I will never not be obsessed with historical accuracy.

There's so much more I could post about, but I'm sure the stories will emerge as time goes on and many more will be made as I set off for a semester abroad in Switzerland in less than a week (!!!!) But this is as good a place as any to start. It's good to be back!