Friday, July 25, 2014

Knitting for Deadlines... Oh Look, a Food Truck!

Lately I've been diverting all of my energy to knitting a scarf for one of my best friends who just graduated from high school! We have been neighbors for our entire lives; I went to her 3rd birthday party, and the rest was history! I really wanted to make something nice for her graduation party (missed that deadline), so I spent every spare second re-watching Doctor Who and knitting furiously on her scarf so that I could finish it today before we met for dinner! The pattern I used was one of my own devising, based off of the logo of her school; the University of Minnesota:

I used some free website to do it. I can't remember which one it was, but I was kind of annoyed that making an account was required. My iPad was dead and I was too lazy to plug it in to access my stitch maker app... so I really can't complain!

Here is the final product! (The colors are a little richer in real life) It took me countless hours, and it paid off because this is one of the nicest scarves I think I've ever made! The gauge is so fine, and the yarn I chose was really soft. I hope she likes it! 

The other day, my mom was driving me to school to get some work done on a summer project, and out of the corner of my eye I saw two food trucks! They were parked outside an office complex where I'd never seen food trucks before. I asked my mom if we could stop and we quickly turned around to check out what they had to offer. Luckily, it was around lunch time, I hadn't eaten yet, and there were some delicious offerings!

The two trucks were one called Totally Cheese and one that sold specialty cupcakes!

We tried a Cuban sandwich and some rosemary fries! The sandwich was delicious, as were the fries, although the fries were a little too greasy for my taste. 

Rule of Life #1: Always stop for a food truck!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

I really want to try my hand at making GIFs so here is my testing post attempt...

My first GIF: one of my rosemary cookies being eaten!

And now the ultimate test: *presses publish*

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Life Goes On

So much has happened to me since I last posted. Mostly dreary things so I will focus on my latest knitting and shopping escapades!

First up: An FO!

My baby blanket! I used a pattern from a baby afghan booklet my mom had only I upped the needle size and used two strands of yarn to make it go faster. (The yarn is hard to see in the picture but it is white with little speckles of blue, pink, and yellow.)

It kind of reminds me of a log cabin quilt! There aren't any babies scheduled to arrive in my family so I'm going to donate it to a local charity so it will go to a baby who will really need it.

Second up: Hexipuff progress!

Hooray! I've gone from pathetic pile to the size of a placemat! Long way to go until it is blanket sized I am afraid...

I'm really pushing myself to knit them all the time; in the car, on the train, watching movies, waiting in line at the store, and pretty much everywhere else!

Third up: recent noteworthy purchases!

I bought this decorative bird cage (I love bird cages!) at Ross Dress for Less for $6.99 and have filled it with all the yarn I intend to use for my Hexipuff blanket! 

I loved this decorative pillow as soon as I saw it at Ikea. I love maps and something about this pillow really strikes my imagination.

I've been working on another knitting project (it's being blocked at the moment) and a sewing project (almost finished) so hopefully I will have another post coming very soon! Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I was sorting through my craft shelf and realized it has been completely abducted by UFO's, well unfinished objects that is. There are many projects on my Ravelry queue I would like to make but I cannot begin any of them with a clean conscious without at least attempting to reduce the pile of UFO's.

Yikes! Quite an intimidating pile when they are all laid out like that...

My hexipuff blanket! I was working on them during Les Miserables rehearsals at school, but haven't touched them since early April.

Oh dear, my bag knitted from yarn I spun from Target bags... I may have to frog this and begin again. I may try to crochet it instead of knit it though (a matter of ease).

The shawl I started last week from my frogged legwarmers

My spiral knitted blanket, haven't touched this since mid January.

I barely remember starting this baby blanket, but I do remember I was knitting it for charity. I think I will try tackling this one first!

The shawl I was crocheting from some yarn I spun. Since then, I have lost the pattern, the crochet hook, and realized I still have more of the wool. I think I am going to frog this, finish spinning the yarn, see how much of it I have, and choose a new project for it.

Some mittens I haven't touched for nearly two years. The pattern was in Finnish but I still attempted to knit it and it is a little messed up. As much as I love the pattern, I think I am going to frog this and make a new pair of mittens out of the yarn; perhaps with a South American inspired pattern.

My first dishcloth from my 50 states project. I am not very happy with the way it turned out so I think I am going to start over and use a contrasting color (rather than a contrasting pattern) to knit the state profiles and the postal abbreviation. This project may be put on hold for awhile so I can finish the aforementioned ones.

And those are all my UFO's! I am rather intimidated but I am excited to finish all my festering projects before I go off to college this fall!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Checkered Drawstring Bag

Free pattern for my Checkered Drawstring Bag as promised!

Materials: < 230 yards of sock weight yarn
               5 size 2 double pointed needles
               Tapestry needle


Cast on 80 stitches using the same method you would to knit a toe up sock

Knit in the round for 16 rounds

Checkerboard pattern:
Section 1: Row 1: *k4, p4* *repeat across the round
               Rows 2-4: reapeat Row 1 (of Section 1)

Section 2: Row 1: *p4, k4* *repeat across the round
               Rows 2-4: repeat Row 1 (of Section 2)

Repeat Sections 1 and 2 three more times

Knit in the round for 16 rounds

Drawstring holes:
Row 1: *CO2, k6  *repeat across the round
Row 2: *YO2, k6  *repeat across the round

Knit in the round for 4 rows (the top will roll down, so you can add more rows if you wish)

Bind off.

Drawstring: I-Cord

CO 4
Knit in the round for 15 inches
Weave the cord through the holes in the bag
Attach both ends of the I-cord after it has been woven through the bag

Weave in the ends and enjoy! The final dimensions of the bag are 5.5" x 6.5".

Thursday, January 17, 2013

What I've Been Knitting Lately...

School has been exceptionally busy since we came back from Christmas Break, but I don't have to take finals this year so I have a short break in which to take a deep breath and do some relaxing!

I have been working on my Ten Stitch Twist Blanket I found on Ravelry and I am loving it! It is really easy once you get past the main circle portion and it is really addictive! I am also loving the way the yarn is stripping! :)
It is about face sized right now (the yarn is a #1 or #2)

Also, I was working on some legwarmers for another knitter who was working on a book but the test knitting got canceled... but at least i have some nice legwarmers! The pattern of the lace is called Gothic Arches and was the most complicated lace pattern I have tried since I have been knitting! I think they turned out pretty well all things considered.

Here is the full legwarmer! Shhh the ruffle on the other one still has a few rows to do, I am working on them now! 

After I wrap up the legwarmers, I am going to work on the ten stitch twist blanket until it is done and finish a baby blanket I started last summer. New year, new knitter: no more projects pushed aside! Finish them in the order they were started and don't under any circumstances let it sit on the shelf for more than a month!

What have you all been working on lately?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Catch-Up Day!

This week has been pretty busy so I am going to do a post today about everything I have accomplished this week that hasn't been posted and is noteworthy!

I am trying to keep up with crocheting my 1890's shawl from Kline Creek Farm but I keep running out of yarn! This week I made time to spin some more of the blue yarn:

Ah, haven't spun in awhile! 

My shawl is coming along well! I am about 3/5ths done.

Looking shapely so far! I like the way it drapes on my shoulders!

The real problem here is that crocheting just uses up the yarn faster than I can spin it! At least I have one ball of the blue left as of this moment... that ought to last me a few hours. :)

My other Spanish teacher has returned from her maternity leave (we missed her so much!) and I knitted this hat for her little girl using a modified version of the Aviatrix Baby Hat I found on Ravelry! I really liked the pattern but wanted to modify it to make it a little more delicate. I did not do the ear flaps or chin strap and added a little salmon crocheted flower on the side:
Eeee so cute! I just love the pattern!

Simple flower: crocheted ring with 16 chain petals!

This hat was a little bit of a learning experience for me because I have never worked with wrap & turns before! This pattern was a great way to ease into this technique and I now understand how it can shape garments.

Remember this crazy yarn from my Art Yarn Extravaganza class?

It has been knitted into a cowl:

I am absolutely in love with cowls now and this one is so perfectly crazy and colorful! I cannot wait to wear it this winter! I just need to dig my winter coat out now and sew the buttons back on it...

And finally, I made some Cardamom bread earlier this week! Cardamom is a spice that is used in Scandinavian pastries and Turkish tea according to the package and I first tasted this bread at Kline Creek Farm around 6 years ago and it kind of is a sweet bread:

It is so pretty! (Tasty too!)

The braids make it look so fancy! I used this recipe here

Well, that about sums up my week! What projects have you been working on lately? 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tiramisu and a Shawl

Last night I decided to make tiramisu because it is delicious and we haven't had anything like it in awhile! I never made it before, but I that has never stopped me in the past so we went to buy all the ingredients. Even though I'm Italian, we have no family recipe or anything, so I did a little research and settled for a basic one (here).

The only downside to this recipe was it said I needed a double boiler which I don't have so...

...I made my own! Just took a small pot with water and made sure the bowl could sit on the pot without touching the water inside and there you go; saved $40 and a trip to the store!

The recipe was actually really easy, the hardest part was stirring the sugar and eggs (above) for 10 minutes (and it wasn't hard, just tiresome). I had my sister whip the cream while I stirred so it could be put together faster; total prep time was probably only 20-30 minutes.

I was slightly skeptical that the only liquid  soaking the lady's fingers in the dish was 1/3 of a cup of coffee liqueur, but I went along with it and put the whole thing together:

Mmm layers!

The top dusted with cocoa and chocolate shavings. I used baking chocolate, not semisweet chocolate because the filling was really sweet already.

We cut into it after dinner after it had set for around 3 hours. It was a little hard; the lady's fingers weren't very soaked (as I might have guessed) and looking back I should have brewed some espresso and mixed it with the liqueur before putting it on the lady's fingers so it was perfectly soft.

Fantastico! The taste was delectable despite the lady's fingers being a little firm! 

Overall, I would give this recipe an A for the custard and presentation but a C for ingredients. Adding more liquid to the lady's fingers before putting the custard on top would have made a world of difference. We will definitely make this again sometime with that one adjustment! If only marscapone just wasn't so darn expensive...

On the fiber front:

I'm working on crocheting (*gasp* she's not knitting it??) a shawl to wear with some handspun wool yarn I made. I don't have a real pattern, but I 'm crocheting it from memory (I saw a similar one I liked somewhere else)

It is basically all double crochet in 10 different panels with increases to make a circular cape-like garment! The only problem is I am crocheting faster than I am making yarn! So far I have run out of yarn twice and had to go make more... and now I have no idea how much yarn I have used for future references. Ah well, maybe next time.