Thursday, June 6, 2013


I was sorting through my craft shelf and realized it has been completely abducted by UFO's, well unfinished objects that is. There are many projects on my Ravelry queue I would like to make but I cannot begin any of them with a clean conscious without at least attempting to reduce the pile of UFO's.

Yikes! Quite an intimidating pile when they are all laid out like that...

My hexipuff blanket! I was working on them during Les Miserables rehearsals at school, but haven't touched them since early April.

Oh dear, my bag knitted from yarn I spun from Target bags... I may have to frog this and begin again. I may try to crochet it instead of knit it though (a matter of ease).

The shawl I started last week from my frogged legwarmers

My spiral knitted blanket, haven't touched this since mid January.

I barely remember starting this baby blanket, but I do remember I was knitting it for charity. I think I will try tackling this one first!

The shawl I was crocheting from some yarn I spun. Since then, I have lost the pattern, the crochet hook, and realized I still have more of the wool. I think I am going to frog this, finish spinning the yarn, see how much of it I have, and choose a new project for it.

Some mittens I haven't touched for nearly two years. The pattern was in Finnish but I still attempted to knit it and it is a little messed up. As much as I love the pattern, I think I am going to frog this and make a new pair of mittens out of the yarn; perhaps with a South American inspired pattern.

My first dishcloth from my 50 states project. I am not very happy with the way it turned out so I think I am going to start over and use a contrasting color (rather than a contrasting pattern) to knit the state profiles and the postal abbreviation. This project may be put on hold for awhile so I can finish the aforementioned ones.

And those are all my UFO's! I am rather intimidated but I am excited to finish all my festering projects before I go off to college this fall!