Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Pies!

This year we are having Thanksgiving dinner at my grandma's house as usual and I was assigned two pecan pies and one pumpkin pie. Pecan pie was the very first pie I ever made around 4 years ago and now pie baking is kind of my claim to fame in the family.

As usual, I jumped right into the recipe for the pumpkin pies without really reading the recipe all the way through and ended up with the ingredients for four pies instead of only two... luckily we have enough pie tins to use them all and enough friends to share them with!

All the spices and eggs needed to make the pumpkin pies. I just love the little pinch bowls; they make me feel like I am on a cooking show!

I decided to get a little fancy with the crust and cut out leaves from the extra dough to line the edge of the pie. I poked holes on the back of the leaf and the pie crust edge and then....

...put what I have dubbed "baker's slip" (mixture of flour and water similar to the consistency of sculpting slip) and stuck them on, slightly overlapping the leaves.

The pie rose a little more than I thought it would, but the leaves are still visible.

Tada! The process was tedious but the extra time put into the leaves paid off I think! I wish there was a way to mend the slit in the side I made to see if it was done...

My lovely pecan pie! No recipe has ever seemed to have sufficient nuts so I always add to extra handfuls and everyone seems to like the extra nuttiness. 

And now they are ready to go to Grandma's house in the convenient pie carriers I recently received!

I am very thankful that my family will be all together this Thanksgiving and am really looking forward to dinner tonight! My favorite dish is definitely a toss up between mashed potatoes or sweet potato casserole with marshmallow fluff!

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Package for Me?!

Everyone loves getting a package in the mail and today I received the yarn I ordered online from The Loopy Ewe on Friday!! This is the first time I have ever ordered yarn online, but I signed up to be a volunteer knitter over at Delicious Stitches and the yarn she suggested isn't available until next January; past my deadline! So I searched all over the internet to find another brand with a similar colorway and settled on Cascade's Heritage hand painted sock yarn in the colorway Ice Caves:

It is so pretty!

The yarn is so soft and the colors are so delicate; I cannot wait to make the legwarmers! (I am knitting them for a book so I will only be able to post pictures after receiving permission or the book is out!)

A handwritten note was included with the yarn purchase from The Loopy Ewe!  Not only am I impressed with the fast delivery (shipped the day I ordered) but the owner took the time to make a personal note with a cute little doodle! It really brightened my day! I would definitely recommend them for any yarn or other craft related purchases. 

*Blast from the past* Remember this yarn I spun and plied with beads and glittery thread?

Well, I have at last put it to good use in a cowl (yes, another cowl; what can I say?)

Once again, I had no pattern; this is just an improvised crochet pattern. I chained 60, joined it in the round with one twist (it was a little awkward for the first row), then the rest was worked with a double crochet in every other stitch and chaining one in between to maintain stitch count.

Sits nicely! Not so much for neck warmth as a pretty accessory, but I really like it! Someone already asked me where I bought it from and they were completely shocked when they learned I made it completely from a pile of wool! 

***I really need a real camera to take pictures that accurately portray the color and details of my projects. Adding it to the Christmas List! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Catch-Up Day!

This week has been pretty busy so I am going to do a post today about everything I have accomplished this week that hasn't been posted and is noteworthy!

I am trying to keep up with crocheting my 1890's shawl from Kline Creek Farm but I keep running out of yarn! This week I made time to spin some more of the blue yarn:

Ah, haven't spun in awhile! 

My shawl is coming along well! I am about 3/5ths done.

Looking shapely so far! I like the way it drapes on my shoulders!

The real problem here is that crocheting just uses up the yarn faster than I can spin it! At least I have one ball of the blue left as of this moment... that ought to last me a few hours. :)

My other Spanish teacher has returned from her maternity leave (we missed her so much!) and I knitted this hat for her little girl using a modified version of the Aviatrix Baby Hat I found on Ravelry! I really liked the pattern but wanted to modify it to make it a little more delicate. I did not do the ear flaps or chin strap and added a little salmon crocheted flower on the side:
Eeee so cute! I just love the pattern!

Simple flower: crocheted ring with 16 chain petals!

This hat was a little bit of a learning experience for me because I have never worked with wrap & turns before! This pattern was a great way to ease into this technique and I now understand how it can shape garments.

Remember this crazy yarn from my Art Yarn Extravaganza class?

It has been knitted into a cowl:

I am absolutely in love with cowls now and this one is so perfectly crazy and colorful! I cannot wait to wear it this winter! I just need to dig my winter coat out now and sew the buttons back on it...

And finally, I made some Cardamom bread earlier this week! Cardamom is a spice that is used in Scandinavian pastries and Turkish tea according to the package and I first tasted this bread at Kline Creek Farm around 6 years ago and it kind of is a sweet bread:

It is so pretty! (Tasty too!)

The braids make it look so fancy! I used this recipe here

Well, that about sums up my week! What projects have you been working on lately?