Friday, July 25, 2014

Knitting for Deadlines... Oh Look, a Food Truck!

Lately I've been diverting all of my energy to knitting a scarf for one of my best friends who just graduated from high school! We have been neighbors for our entire lives; I went to her 3rd birthday party, and the rest was history! I really wanted to make something nice for her graduation party (missed that deadline), so I spent every spare second re-watching Doctor Who and knitting furiously on her scarf so that I could finish it today before we met for dinner! The pattern I used was one of my own devising, based off of the logo of her school; the University of Minnesota:

I used some free website to do it. I can't remember which one it was, but I was kind of annoyed that making an account was required. My iPad was dead and I was too lazy to plug it in to access my stitch maker app... so I really can't complain!

Here is the final product! (The colors are a little richer in real life) It took me countless hours, and it paid off because this is one of the nicest scarves I think I've ever made! The gauge is so fine, and the yarn I chose was really soft. I hope she likes it! 

The other day, my mom was driving me to school to get some work done on a summer project, and out of the corner of my eye I saw two food trucks! They were parked outside an office complex where I'd never seen food trucks before. I asked my mom if we could stop and we quickly turned around to check out what they had to offer. Luckily, it was around lunch time, I hadn't eaten yet, and there were some delicious offerings!

The two trucks were one called Totally Cheese and one that sold specialty cupcakes!

We tried a Cuban sandwich and some rosemary fries! The sandwich was delicious, as were the fries, although the fries were a little too greasy for my taste. 

Rule of Life #1: Always stop for a food truck!

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