Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Cities, New Yarn Shops!

This summer I am continuing my work in the theater costume shop at school and this past week, my boss sent my coworker and I on a field mission to help one of our graduates costume 150 children for a theater summer camp! It was nice to have a change of scenery (and air conditioning) and I was able to do a little exploration of the city as well.

The first thing I saw after I hopped off the train were some beautiful murals covering the walls of the pedestrian underpasses below the tracks. I saw this one and was so excited:


Although it was impossible to capture this mural in totality, this one tells the story of Henrietta Lacks, which I think is awesome. I read the book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks over the summer for my junior English class in high school (it was on my list anyways) and was completely emotionally caught up in the unbelievably true story of a lapse in medical ethics and the author's journey to find the family and get them justice. Seeing the mural reminded me of the amazing book and made me glad that more people will be exposed to the story of the HeLa cells and the family behind them.

While at the the school, I got to do my favorite thing... gathering 928374 yards of fabric into a 24 inch waistband! There is something so satisfying about creating a perfectly gathered and full skirt. Maybe just because I love to wear skirts myself! If the 1950's cut of dress was more in style for everyday wear, my wardrobe would be filled with full, poofy skirts!

Here is the black tulle being gathered on the machine!

Next, I noticed there was a yarn store in the downtown shopping area of the city, so naturally I had to drop in and check it out!
What a cute location! (Photo Credit: Owner of shop)

The store was very welcoming and friendly and they had quite a variety of beautiful yarns. They had some especially pretty handspun yarns created by the owner and were very inspirational for me, the aspiring art yarn spinner. I also happened to find some great Peruvian wool yarn for my summer research project (more on that later) and picked some especially vibrant colors that caught my eye!

They are from Cascade and I cannot wait to work with them (I have so much to say about them but, as I said before, more on that later!!)

And before you scold me for buying MORE yarn without knitting any of what I already have, behold the new cowl I have added to my collection of Finished Objects (FO's):

It is super soft and the color is great! It was made from the honey cowl pattern on Ravelry and I am definitely satisfied with my finished object!

Well that is about all I have to say for now, I promise I will elaborate more about the summer project soon, so check back soon for an update on that! Happy yarning everyone!

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