Monday, August 5, 2013

Without Further Ado...

...a long overdue post containing some of the projects I have been working on lately:

I finally got around to using that lovely reversible fabric I purchased at Reenactor's Fest last February. I made a Regency Era Spencer Jacket to add to my Jane Austen costume. To see it in action, stay tuned for Halloween!
I really like the way the lapels flop over to reveal the other side of the reversible fabric. Although most of the seems were completed on the machine, all the buttonhole and the bottom seem are all hand-sewn. The buttons are made of wood to maintain historical accuracy.
When I was looking at the pattern, I was a little skeptical about the fullness of the sleeves being set so far back, but it does allow for a little more freedom for the arms to move and looks fine on.

Yarn Crafting:
I was really bored one morning, so I crocheted my cat a Rasta cap with dreadlocks! 

I crocheted it without a pattern, just guessing how big it ought to be. Instead of cutting each dreadlock, I pulled the yarn to break it. This gave them a more natural look I think.

Do not be fooled by his facial expression; he so loves it...

In case you have just recently joined me, this is the third hat Biscuit has had the pleasure of modelling. His previous hats were a beret and a fez:

I have been trying different international recipes lately, but my favorite has to be these tostones (twice fried plantains), which are popular in Puerto Rican cuisine.

First, cut them.
Then, fry them on both sides (my first time frying something!)

Next, drain them on paper towels.

Then, my favorite step: crush them flat! Cool people have special tostone presses. I, on the other hand, had to use wax paper and a spatula... but that's okay, it was still fun!

Return them to the oil for the second fry.

And serve 'em up warm with some seasoning! Yum!

And now the best for last...
County Fair:

This year I won 3 ribbons in the County Fair! My apple pie won first place, my pie crust (judged on appearance only) won second place, and my little gargoyle won first place! 

It was knitted in so many separate pieces, it took me 2 hours to sew all the little body parts together!

If you are interested in the pattern, you can find it here. I didn't have the right size needles (the ones I used were a little bigger) so he looks a little different than the original pattern, but I like him just fine! 


  1. I love the cat hats, especially the beret. :-) Congrats on your 3 ribbons!