Thursday, August 8, 2013

Looking Ahead: Winter

I am always cold. Always. So naturally I start preparing for winter mid-summer! Remember the big ball of wool I bought last year at the Stitches Midwest Conference? Well eventually, it was all spun into a lovely worsted weight yarn and I have been working on making some matching winter accessories with them:

Overall, I think the results have worked out very well, all things considered! If I have some more yarn left over from the scarf, I am going to knit some legwarmers (cabled of course!). I absolutely adore this color of blue and think it is going to look fantastic with my black and grey plaid pea coat!

There was a little difficulty with the hat because it wasn't quite the right shape because the wool yarn is a little stiffer than the recommended yarn so I knew that blocking was going to be a must. The only problem was finding something that would fit into the hat and then hold the sides out while it was drying.

I found a pot lid that was the perfect size!

The brim was a little bigger than I had expected, but I am certainly happy with the result!

I must admit the scarf is giving me some trouble. The pattern itself is easy... too easy. I keep getting lost and don't know which row I am on and if it is a front cable or back cable! I started it this morning, so it is a quick knit!

Tomorrow I am going to Stitches Midwest again!!! I am so excited, there is more yarn and wool there than any other place on earth! Hopefully I will be able to purchase some wool for spinning while I am at school and then some yarn for some of the projects I have been eyeing. More on Stitches Midwest later! 

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