Saturday, July 13, 2013

Life Goes On

So much has happened to me since I last posted. Mostly dreary things so I will focus on my latest knitting and shopping escapades!

First up: An FO!

My baby blanket! I used a pattern from a baby afghan booklet my mom had only I upped the needle size and used two strands of yarn to make it go faster. (The yarn is hard to see in the picture but it is white with little speckles of blue, pink, and yellow.)

It kind of reminds me of a log cabin quilt! There aren't any babies scheduled to arrive in my family so I'm going to donate it to a local charity so it will go to a baby who will really need it.

Second up: Hexipuff progress!

Hooray! I've gone from pathetic pile to the size of a placemat! Long way to go until it is blanket sized I am afraid...

I'm really pushing myself to knit them all the time; in the car, on the train, watching movies, waiting in line at the store, and pretty much everywhere else!

Third up: recent noteworthy purchases!

I bought this decorative bird cage (I love bird cages!) at Ross Dress for Less for $6.99 and have filled it with all the yarn I intend to use for my Hexipuff blanket! 

I loved this decorative pillow as soon as I saw it at Ikea. I love maps and something about this pillow really strikes my imagination.

I've been working on another knitting project (it's being blocked at the moment) and a sewing project (almost finished) so hopefully I will have another post coming very soon! Have a great weekend everyone!