Wednesday, May 29, 2013

To Frog or Not To Frog

To frog, or not to frog: that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The pain of ill fitting garments and dashed dreams,
Or to take arms against the offending legwarmers,
And by opposing end them?

Or something like that... well unlike Hamlet, I decided it was not "nobler in the mind" to let these legwarmers live. Considering they were knitted in the smallest size and were still too big, they were created with very, very expensive yarn, and every time I see them I am saddened by the memory of the possibility of having my work photographed for a real book I thought it was high time I re-purposed the yarn into something I would actually enjoy.

So I frogged 'em! I thought tearing them apart would be sad considering all the care and time I put into them but really all I was thinking was "die legwarmers, die!"

I wrapped the unraveled yarn around my niddy noddy as if I were making a skein and then tied it in four places.

Yikes! The yarn was quite a mess when it came off of the niddy noddy...

So, I soaked it in the sink with some warm water and it is hanging up to dry now!

In the meantime, I was looking at some patterns that might use 900 yards of fancy sock yarn and decided to make a shawl! It seems like a major milestone for knitters is their first shawl and I have never made a classic one (only the Margaret Dashwood Shawl from Jane Austen Knits). I found this shawl pattern on Ravelry and I am really enjoying it so far! Unfortunately, the pattern does get a little lost in the variegation of the yarn but I have a feeling the pattern will be more visible post-blocking!

Here is my progress so far! I am really enjoying it! Look out socks, I see a shawl obsession on the horizon!

In garden news:

The first harvest from our garden! Store bought radishes have absolutely NOTHING on radishes fresh from the garden. Fresh ones have so much more spice and zing than the ones at the store and were promptly consumed! :)

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