Thursday, January 17, 2013

What I've Been Knitting Lately...

School has been exceptionally busy since we came back from Christmas Break, but I don't have to take finals this year so I have a short break in which to take a deep breath and do some relaxing!

I have been working on my Ten Stitch Twist Blanket I found on Ravelry and I am loving it! It is really easy once you get past the main circle portion and it is really addictive! I am also loving the way the yarn is stripping! :)
It is about face sized right now (the yarn is a #1 or #2)

Also, I was working on some legwarmers for another knitter who was working on a book but the test knitting got canceled... but at least i have some nice legwarmers! The pattern of the lace is called Gothic Arches and was the most complicated lace pattern I have tried since I have been knitting! I think they turned out pretty well all things considered.

Here is the full legwarmer! Shhh the ruffle on the other one still has a few rows to do, I am working on them now! 

After I wrap up the legwarmers, I am going to work on the ten stitch twist blanket until it is done and finish a baby blanket I started last summer. New year, new knitter: no more projects pushed aside! Finish them in the order they were started and don't under any circumstances let it sit on the shelf for more than a month!

What have you all been working on lately?

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  1. Your blanket is looking gorgeous! It shows off the yarn beautifully. And that legwarmer is so cute!