Thursday, January 17, 2013

What I've Been Knitting Lately...

School has been exceptionally busy since we came back from Christmas Break, but I don't have to take finals this year so I have a short break in which to take a deep breath and do some relaxing!

I have been working on my Ten Stitch Twist Blanket I found on Ravelry and I am loving it! It is really easy once you get past the main circle portion and it is really addictive! I am also loving the way the yarn is stripping! :)
It is about face sized right now (the yarn is a #1 or #2)

Also, I was working on some legwarmers for another knitter who was working on a book but the test knitting got canceled... but at least i have some nice legwarmers! The pattern of the lace is called Gothic Arches and was the most complicated lace pattern I have tried since I have been knitting! I think they turned out pretty well all things considered.

Here is the full legwarmer! Shhh the ruffle on the other one still has a few rows to do, I am working on them now! 

After I wrap up the legwarmers, I am going to work on the ten stitch twist blanket until it is done and finish a baby blanket I started last summer. New year, new knitter: no more projects pushed aside! Finish them in the order they were started and don't under any circumstances let it sit on the shelf for more than a month!

What have you all been working on lately?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mixed Media Art Experiment

So I have some pretty neat art yarn left over from a class I took this past summer and it is too pretty not to use, but there isn't enough of it to make anything really. I got the idea to make a project on canvas with paint and the yarn from somewhere (not sure where!) and it turned out well!

I bought a little canvas from the store...

...traced it with an abstract design which are flowers in my eyes...

...started gluing the art yarn to the canvas to the shape of my scribbles...

And painted it purple! I absolutely love the colors and I think it turned out fabulously well for a first attempt!

Huzzah for textures and colors!

Also, I have been messing around with my new camera and trying out all the different modes it has. Using the pet portrait mode I have snapped quite a few good picture! Here are my two favorite:

Bela and his reflection! He has spent quite a bit of time watching his reflection, pawing under the door, and meowing at his friend in the glass.

And this picture of Mr. Bingley!