Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What's New?

Hello! I have been gone for a little while but I am back with some updates!

I have decided to post some pictures of outfits (mostly dresses) that I think are cute so here is my first:

I recently got this dress from Kohl's and I love it! It is black shiny lace over a tan underdress and a black ribbon tie around the waist. The neckline is my favorite part! It is great since you can dress it up for a party or pair it with a sweater to dress it down for casual wearing. I wish the picture quality was a little better, but I'll get the hang of it eventually!

I was recently browsing Ravelry and this pattern was in the "Hot Right Now" box and I instantly fell in love with the idea! It is called Ten Stitch Twist and it is quite a neat blanket! I have around 1700 yards of a yarn from Stitches Midwest that is begging to be touched so I cast on a few days ago! Here is my progress so far:

Mmm how about those colors? And the details of the new camera I got for Christmas! Finally have graduated from 2 mp phone camera to 16 mp digital camera and it is making all the difference so far!

And NOW I have a little DIY project I have just completed this very hour!

It has always been my joke to say "the time is now" whenever someone asks me the time and I recently found some watches on Etsy which have the hands removed and say "Now" on the face of them! They sell for around $30 but I thought I might be able to make them on my own.

I bought this watch from Kohl's on clearance for $6 and this sheet of sparkly purple alphabet stickers from JoAnn's on clearance for $1.

First, I popped off the back with a flat screwdriver, bent the metal rod connecting the time setting knob to the time part itself. Then I took out the rubber ring, the plastic filler, and then took out the watch face. Using the pliers, I cut the second, minute, and hour hands off. I used a permanent marker to black out the name of the watchmaker and then centered my sparkly stickers around the center nub that was left from the hands.

I reassembled the watch and put a few dabs of super glue to hold the watch face in place (since the bar that held the watch face in place was severed before). I also wanted the knob on the side to be there so I put a dab of super glue on the hole and stuck the knob back in place.

Ta Da! I am now in possession of the most accurate watch in the world! Not to mention the girliness of the sparkly letters! 

I saved $23 dollars and got to customize my own colors! 

*Whew* So that is about all I have been up to lately! I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas so far!

Monday, December 24, 2012

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Hello again! I am here to say that I will be home for Christmas and there will be more blog posts coming your way soon.

Things have gotten really hectic around here between school work, college applications, and scholarship applications and I have hardly had a chance to breathe let alone knit or bake anything! Unfortunately we have not had our finals yet (after break) so there is still a lot of work to do and I cannot knit the break away, but I will definitely post some Christmas things and what I have been working on lately!

Thank you for sticking with me through this crazy time and I will be reentering the community soon!