Monday, November 5, 2012

A Package for Me?!

Everyone loves getting a package in the mail and today I received the yarn I ordered online from The Loopy Ewe on Friday!! This is the first time I have ever ordered yarn online, but I signed up to be a volunteer knitter over at Delicious Stitches and the yarn she suggested isn't available until next January; past my deadline! So I searched all over the internet to find another brand with a similar colorway and settled on Cascade's Heritage hand painted sock yarn in the colorway Ice Caves:

It is so pretty!

The yarn is so soft and the colors are so delicate; I cannot wait to make the legwarmers! (I am knitting them for a book so I will only be able to post pictures after receiving permission or the book is out!)

A handwritten note was included with the yarn purchase from The Loopy Ewe!  Not only am I impressed with the fast delivery (shipped the day I ordered) but the owner took the time to make a personal note with a cute little doodle! It really brightened my day! I would definitely recommend them for any yarn or other craft related purchases. 

*Blast from the past* Remember this yarn I spun and plied with beads and glittery thread?

Well, I have at last put it to good use in a cowl (yes, another cowl; what can I say?)

Once again, I had no pattern; this is just an improvised crochet pattern. I chained 60, joined it in the round with one twist (it was a little awkward for the first row), then the rest was worked with a double crochet in every other stitch and chaining one in between to maintain stitch count.

Sits nicely! Not so much for neck warmth as a pretty accessory, but I really like it! Someone already asked me where I bought it from and they were completely shocked when they learned I made it completely from a pile of wool! 

***I really need a real camera to take pictures that accurately portray the color and details of my projects. Adding it to the Christmas List! 


  1. OOOHH, that dark purple yarn you did is STUNNING! <3

    Thanks for your sweet words about my outfit the other day; I tried to email you back but you're "" :(

    I wrote a post about how to fix it a few weeks ago it you want to do that. ;)

    1. Thank you! :)

      I didn't realize I had that setting and your tutorial was easy to follow! Problem solved, thanks!

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