Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tiramisu and a Shawl

Last night I decided to make tiramisu because it is delicious and we haven't had anything like it in awhile! I never made it before, but I that has never stopped me in the past so we went to buy all the ingredients. Even though I'm Italian, we have no family recipe or anything, so I did a little research and settled for a basic one (here).

The only downside to this recipe was it said I needed a double boiler which I don't have so...

...I made my own! Just took a small pot with water and made sure the bowl could sit on the pot without touching the water inside and there you go; saved $40 and a trip to the store!

The recipe was actually really easy, the hardest part was stirring the sugar and eggs (above) for 10 minutes (and it wasn't hard, just tiresome). I had my sister whip the cream while I stirred so it could be put together faster; total prep time was probably only 20-30 minutes.

I was slightly skeptical that the only liquid  soaking the lady's fingers in the dish was 1/3 of a cup of coffee liqueur, but I went along with it and put the whole thing together:

Mmm layers!

The top dusted with cocoa and chocolate shavings. I used baking chocolate, not semisweet chocolate because the filling was really sweet already.

We cut into it after dinner after it had set for around 3 hours. It was a little hard; the lady's fingers weren't very soaked (as I might have guessed) and looking back I should have brewed some espresso and mixed it with the liqueur before putting it on the lady's fingers so it was perfectly soft.

Fantastico! The taste was delectable despite the lady's fingers being a little firm! 

Overall, I would give this recipe an A for the custard and presentation but a C for ingredients. Adding more liquid to the lady's fingers before putting the custard on top would have made a world of difference. We will definitely make this again sometime with that one adjustment! If only marscapone just wasn't so darn expensive...

On the fiber front:

I'm working on crocheting (*gasp* she's not knitting it??) a shawl to wear with some handspun wool yarn I made. I don't have a real pattern, but I 'm crocheting it from memory (I saw a similar one I liked somewhere else)

It is basically all double crochet in 10 different panels with increases to make a circular cape-like garment! The only problem is I am crocheting faster than I am making yarn! So far I have run out of yarn twice and had to go make more... and now I have no idea how much yarn I have used for future references. Ah well, maybe next time.

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