Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More Apples!

Yesterday morning was Columbus day and therefore a day off of school! I woke up rather early for a "sleep in day" so I decided to get up and surprise my family with some apple cinnamon pancakes! I was successful in quietly sneaking out the electric griddle, mixer, and metal bowls and almost peeled both apples before anyone woke up!

Our excellent apple peeler! Peels, cores, AND slices them in just a few quick cranks! 

Batter! I haven't made pancakes for a long time and I didn't quite remember the consistency of the batter so I may have added a LITTLE too much flour because the pancakes were rather dense.

Mmm! They smelled sooo good as they were cooking! Hint: the more misshapen they are, the more apples loaded in them! ;)

This steaming pile of pancakes didn't last long in a home with ravenous pancake lovers! 

And here is another little touch of fall! Okay so my gourd arranging skills aren't as honed as my knitting skills, but our home grown pumpkins can hold their own; don't you think?

 I am eagerly anticipating Halloween; one of my favorite October events! I have ordered part of my costume this year and it will be coming in the mail very soon! Perhaps I will post a picture of each piece and you can guess what it is I am going to be! Unfortunately I did not have enough time to make a costume like last year; but this one will be good! 

This Friday is coming another post about some knitting and crocheting plans and a free pattern! 


  1. Gotta a question, I can't buy canned pumpkin puree here. And I have no idea which pumpkin is the best for making soup or pie. Since your family grows pumpkins, do you have any suggestions??? Check my blog for my email address — didn't think that would be cool putting my email address here ;)

  2. Those pancakes look delicious! Apple cinnamon, yum... so perfect for fall! And I love your apple peeler. The red is so pretty and vintage-y!
    xo Julie

    1. Thank you! As far as the apple peeler goes, you really cannot beat a classic design for a kitchen tool!

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    1. It is the best month! Thank you for visiting my blog!