Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Ah, and so my favorite month of the year ends on a satisfying note; Halloween!

Now everyone knows the best part of Halloween is picking out a costume that really suits one's personality and so it is a decision that I do not take lightly year to year. This year in particular I told myself to break the mold and dress up as anything so long as it was NOT historical as my costume has been the past 9 years (50's girl, 2 20's girl costumes, Ancient Greek princess, Civil War era girl, Jane Austen, medieval princess to name a few.). Eventually, I was sitting in my bedroom reflecting on the world/staring at my wall when my poster inspired me!

Announcing my costume 2012:

Rosie the Riveter! 

Me and my best friend of 14 years, Jenn! 

Okay, so I guess it is still a historically inspired costume; but everyone said it really fits my personality! So when people think of me, they also think of World War Two American propaganda posters? Or something like that... I do think this time period is really interesting though, especially the whole war effort. It is really amazing to look back and see how much people supported the war and how patriotic all the citizens on the Homefront were. There has never been anything like it since then and probably never will be again.

I also carved a pumpkin inspired by my favorite Gothic Poem! Well, drew on it mostly... 

Edgar Allen Poe and the Raven (Quoth the latter, "Nevermore"). 

One more little interesting tidbit: Every year my dad's coworker puts together a huge decorated scene in his yard with a pirate theme. It started out around 5 years ago very small and has grown to be quite an attraction in our suburbs! The house has been featured on the local news stations and newspapers and they estimate thousands of visitors each year! It is fantastic, but don't take my word for it!

Pirate ship back, and some pirates, towards the right in the back is a jail cell.

Side of the ship with giant octopus and lots of skeleton pirates!

Pirates hanging around on the pier.

More Skeletons hanging around on the pier with their barrels of rum!

A pirate lost at sea, a little island and all the waves!

Unfortunately the pictures do not capture the immense detail and incredible atmosphere of the whole "exhibit" but hopefully you can somewhat see how awesome this is! 

I hope everyone had a great Halloween whether they went trick or treating, costume partying, or just enjoyed the last day of October! Let me know what you dressed up as or what impressed you this year in the comments!


  1. Wow that pirate yard is pretty impressive! We got to dress up our son as a lion and we threw a youth event at our church with carnival-type games. It was probably my favorite Halloween yet, mostly because my son was just too cute!

    1. Aw your son sounds cute! Seems like you had a great night!