Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Apple Picking

This past weekend, my family went apple picking so we could make some apple pies, apple sauce, apple breads etc. and we came back with a whole ton! (not literally of course, that would mean 285 pies!)

My sisters reaching for some Rome apples.

So perfectly round!

The sun shining through the branches of a yellow delicious apple tree.

So shiny and perfectly sweet!

As soon as we came back home I whipped out my apron and the apple peeler/slicer/corer tool and got to work on the 18 lbs of apples required by 6 pies. This was no small feat and it took me nearly the whole rest of the weekend! Luckily, they all turned out very well; positively delicious in fact! I wish I had more pictures, but they were gobbled up faster than I had anticipated... here is one picture of a pie I brought to school:

The top crust was mildly injured in the transport from kitchen to school, but it is still quite pretty!

Mmm all those layers of apples and flaky crust! Yum!

Nothing says "autumn" like a bunch of apple pies except perhaps a crisp blue sky and brightly colored trees:

Here is a snapshot of the view from my backyard! I love that we have an orange, green, yellow, and red tree all in a row; it is quite perfect! The fall spirit has definitely befallen me and I am eagerly anticipating colder weather so we can bring out all our hand knitted gear. Also, late October is my pumpkin pie baking season. Yes!

What sort of fall activities have you been doing lately? Let me know what fun you are planning to have!

P.S. This past weekend was also the Ryder Cup for you golfing fanatics out there and it took place a short distance from my house. During the games airplanes were writing messages in the sky and I took a picture so cool I just had to share:

All I have to say is there go some dedicated golf fans. 


  1. A few weeks ago, I went on a huge apple pie and apple cake cooking frenzy too. I am originally from the San Francisco area and I grew up using Gravenstein apples for our pies. I haven't had a Gravenstein apple since 1997. Moved to Basel, Switzerland and BAM! Switerzerland goes my favorite apples! Your apples look amazing and so do your pies ;)

    1. That's lucky! Apple pies and cakes are the best for fall! And thank you! :)