Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Slow Going...

My Hetty's Sunday Mitts from the Jane Austen Knits magazine has been pretty slow going because I haven't had a lot of time to knit lately and I hit a crafter's block last week. It was just one of those brief phases where knitting is a chore and the enjoyment is gone. However, today I snapped out of it and  managed to knit 10 rows after a quiz in school. Unfortunately something was up with the lace pattern and I had to frog most of the 10 stitches and start over! :( I think I was mixing up some of the steps (even though it is the most simple lace ever)... Oh well, better to get it right eventually than to give up, right?

Back to the beginning of the lace pattern; should be better the second time around!

I am loving the look of the picot edging!

Well that's my knitting update! Here are two fun pictures I took since last time that are share worthy:

Biscuit viewing his domain from above

Mmm Homemade frappe! Made with milk, ice, coffee, and Ghirardelli double chocolate frappe mix! Looks (and tastes) just as good as Starbucks for a fraction of the price!


  1. mmmm I love making my own frap! I used to always do that when the nearest starbucks was an hour away but now it is just a few minutes away and I haven't made one since! I probably should to save money haha!

    1. Yes! I like that you can customize them however you want without running up a massive bill with all the extras!