Saturday, September 15, 2012

Revolutionary War Fever

This past weekend, we visited a Revolutionary War Reenactment (American Revolution) to scope out some tents and clothes! I may have mentioned that my parents own a historical sewing pattern company online that sells to reenactors and theater companies and we are looking to start attending these events as merchants to expand the business. My sister and I snapped a few pictures, my dad got some information about tents and we all learned a little bit more about appropriate fabric choices to make clothing!

Wild Turkeys! 

Some tents and campsites

A Rev War reenactor eating some corn off the campfire and demonstrating how to hand dip candles.

A reenactor telling us about different cannons that were used in the war.

I am very excited about putting an outfit together from this era because it is my favorite second only to the Regency era! We have ordered some fabrics and hopefully the next few posts will include some pictures of the clothing construction process! 

Just a short post for today, but tomorrow I have a few finished objects to share and a future project that I will be starting shortly!

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