Saturday, September 29, 2012

Homecoming Week Highlights

Hello again! Sorry for that brief vacation from blogging; school has been rather hectic and it was homecoming week. I am back though with some updates!

First off *drum roll please* I have finally finished the Hetty's Mitts from the Jane Austen Magazine! For some reason this project dragged on for six weeks so I was thrilled to finally bind off!

 Here is the lovely finished mitt!

The lighting provides a slightly inaccurate color, but this photo here does the true color justice.

Here is a close up of the lace pattern! For some reason the lace pattern gave me major headaches while trying to follow the yo's and ssk's!

An now a few homecoming tidbits! 

This year our theme was "Box Office Bliss" and the seniors were The Avengers! For my costume I had a Captain America t-shirt , a crocheted Captain America Shield:

And I made a head band that was navy blue with a white "A" and wings like his costume in the movie but unfortunately I lent it to a friend before I could take a picture with it! I will post a picture as soon as it is returned!

I still cannot believe that I am a senior and my last homecoming week is over. The biggest thing I will miss is dressing up for all the theme days and showing so much school spirit! Here is me (center) with two of my best friends from school:
Our shirts are awesome because we are the only class to ever win the screaming contest at the assembly as freshmen and then the first to win every single consecutive year! As a class we may have some shortcomings but let it go down in the history books that we are the loudest! :)

Today we are going apple picking so tomorrow I will have some pictures from that and all of the different dishes we will make with the apples!


  1. Is there a pattern for the Captain America Shield? That's awesome! My son would love that cuff!! Let me know! Thanks!

    1. I did just make the shield from my head, but I could definitely get a pattern written down and posted by this Friday!