Sunday, August 19, 2012

From One Project To The Next

Okay, so I promised I would have these photos up a few days ago but it has been really hectic around here lately! I have really bad seasonal allergies and recently they have gotten worse so when I went to the allergist for a test I found out I am allergic to more than just the changing seasons; some foods, house dust, cats (!!!). So I had to spend the greater part of Saturday cleaning my room from top to bottom and buying an air purifier and some allergy trapping pillow covers etc. And no more kitty cuddling... But enough of such sadness!

I have an FO! My Margaret Dashwood Shawl from the current Jane Austen Knits magazine has been completed!

I wasn't sure that I would have enough of my handspun yarn so it has been shortened a little bit, but it is still a great size for me! I decided to wear it pinned across with a shawl pin. I did end up having a few extra yards left; enough to make a matching flower headband! 


Closeup of the pattern and the shawl pin I made from a chopstick! Using my dad's branch cutters, I cut the top of the chopstick off and sanded the bottom to be a little sharper and rounded off all the edges. A nice coat of complimentary purple paint and I am ready to step out in my new ensemble! 

Well, school is coming up soon (Senior year already!!) and I need a lunch box so I don't keep using brown paper bags! (Costly and not environmentally friendly) In a recent email newsletter from Lion Brand Yarn, I got a pattern for a cute felted lunch bag and I cast on!

Technically, I need some longer needles but these will suffice!

Grrr! Winding the yarn from a skein (Cascade Peruvian wool yarn) without a yarn swift is such a pain! Always a tangle...

I have been feeling quite productive as of late! To end the evening with a little laugh:

How do you win Words with Friends? Play your name of course! ;)

What have you been up to lately? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Your shawl is beautiful! Great job!

  2. Beautiful shawl!
    And allergies sucks. My youngest son and I have been sneezing for a couple of weeks now... Can't wait for it to be over!

  3. Thank you! Me too! The late summer, early fall is not fun with allergies!

  4. Nice to meet a fellow knitter+spinner:) This looks fantastic! I love it<3 And your yarn is fabulous too.

  5. You are a knitter and spinner too? Yay! And thank you, I appreciate the feedback! :)

  6. That shawl is gorgeous! I'm working on my first handspun shawl (my first shawl ever, actually!) and it's so much fun. And that's so clever to paint a chopstick for a shawl pin.

    ♥Julie Rose Sews♥

    1. Thank you! This was my first shawl too! It is so fun! :) I was just looking around my room for something pointy I could turn into a shawl pin and I found a set of chopsticks in my drawer!