Wednesday, August 29, 2012

FO: Beaded Necklace

At Stitches Midwest one booth was selling these kits where you picked three silk ribbons, a packet of beads, and a magnetic clasp to make a crocheted beaded necklace. I have always wanted to try knitting or crocheting with beads to make jewelry so this was a most opportune opportunity!

First you string the beads onto the ribbon using the needle provided in the kit.

Then you start crocheting! There are two chain stitches between each bead. 

Then: braid the three ribbons together (or leave them as three strands). And here is the final product!

Close up! You can double the necklace up to make it shorter!

Closer up! I also like wearing it tripled up as a choker variation!

I loved this project and it crocheted up in three days; whenever I had the time to spare in school! It could be easily finished in a day and the color combinations of beads and ribbons are infinite! I chose black with the blue/green/purple/pink/yellow tinted beads with a few specific outfits in mind but you can choose any here:

Question: Where has summer gone? I went outside to work on some homework and bask in the sun but it was chilly and the tree I was sitting under was starting to look yellow around the edges!

I am going to miss the warmth of summer! But on the other hand, Autumn means I can start showing off all my warm and cozy hand knits! :)

What say you about the changing seasons? Any particularly cozy hand knits you cannot wait to show off?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. That necklace turned out beautiful! great job!

    I am so happy about the weather changing. My favorite season is autumn.

  2. The necklace is beautiful. I like showing off cowls/scarves and fingerless mittens — this is so my girls can still text message. I don't mind the changing of seasons as long as the sun is shining!