Friday, August 3, 2012

Crazy Art Yarn and Super Exciting News!

Last week I mentioned demonstrating spinning at our County Fair and now I  have spun and plied the yarn that got started there. I was spinning a 1 ounce "Crazy Batt" that was a sheet of colorful wool, silky bamboo threads, shiny strands of something plastic-y, and some puffy fluff (not exactly sure what it is, but it is, well, puffy fluff!) It was terribly fun to spin and watch all of the colors blend together and contrast each other. I later plied the yarn with a metallic silver thread and some multicolored sequins.

Here it is! Pink and red are the largest ratio of color but there are also white, yellow, green, navy blue, and a few strands of other colors!

Here is a close up, you might notice some of the artsy coils (the red one kind of in the center) and a green sequin (bottom left) and of course all the shiny bits! 

I knew right off the bat what I wanted to make with it. I was planning on making an infinity scarf, only very thin so it was almost like a necklace! I cast on 6 and knitted in stockinette stitch on size 10 needles until I ran out of yarn! The result was a super long chain that can be wrapped around the neck several times. Here are two ways I am planning on wearing it:

Wrapped four times in varying lengths to make a layered necklace type look or

Wrapped five times around to look more like a cowl; this is my favorite look!

In other knitting adventures, the Wave shawl from Ravelry is not working out as planned, I think my yarn may be a little thicker than the pattern calls for. Instead I frogged the Wave and am planning to try the Margret Dashwood Shawl from the newest edition of the Jane Austen Magazine! More pictures as that project develops. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy this picture of Biscuit and my shawl, pre-frogging.

I was knitting it with circular needles because it was getting to be too long for straight needles. So mid row when the knitting was a complete circle, Biscuit here decides to jump through the circular needles/my knitting project and just sit in my lap... so much for that row!

And now for some Super Exciting News!!!

Last April, I took the online test in order to see if I could qualify to be on the Jeopardy Game show. Just this week, I found out that I passed the test and now have an audition scheduled in Chicago to see if I can make it to the TV show!! At the audition I will have to take another 50 question test, play a mini game with 50 questions with two other kids (with the buzzers and everything!), and then go to a brief personal interview. I am extremely excited since this has been a dream of mine since I was little! Until then, I will be brushing up on random trivia and keeping you updated! (If I do get on the show, you bet I will be wearing something knitted!)

What projects have you been working on lately! Any exciting news to share? Comment below! 


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I really enjoyed looking at yours! I wish I had your baking skills!!! ANd I love what you did with your art yarn!

    1. Thanks, I appreciate it! Thank you for commenting back to me! :)

  2. I hope you make it onto the show.