Friday, August 10, 2012

Broke and Satisfied!

Stitches. This day has been one of the best this entire year!! Before we even walked in, we spotted some neat licence plates and the world's best van:

I have to get a knitting related licence plate when I get a car!


And then when I walked in, my jaw just dropped. I think there was more yarn in this room than I could ever have dreamed existed. It took us nearly 3 hours to walk up and down the 9 aisles just to see everything and then a little more going back to pick up the things we wanted to get!
Oh the magnitude! This picture probably illustrates only a small portion of the vendors...

Some cool things I liked included:

Learning how to knit with gigantic knitting needles! It really is very different, you have to hold the work down in your lap because it is very heavy; the needles themselves pack quite a punch. I have to say that I do prefer knitting with sizes 2-13 but still a fun experience!

I also tried latch hooking with different fibers at the Fiber Hooking booth! It was a lot of fun and the company has some beautiful kits! My mom bought a blank canvas and a hook to make her own design.

One booth, Purdy Thangz, was selling cute shawl pins, earrings, and stitch markers. I saw these earrings and bought them in a heartbeat! They were the last ones left and I couldn't pass them up!

Spinning wheels!!

There were lots of beautiful yarns and it was hard to pick and choose which ones to buy, but I ended up buying this yarn with the pattern Abalone from Ravelry in mind:

There was a Halos of Hope booth there (they collect hats for people who have lost their hair during chemo therapy) and I dropped of this hat I crocheted for them:

Only and hour and a half into the show and they had already collected 157 hats (mine included!) Great job crafters!

One company was selling these spiral organizers for knitting needles, crochet hooks, or whatever kind of use you might dream up. My mom bought one for us to use!

The Red Heart Yarn booth was handing away free bags which came in handy after we started buying things:

There was a neat fiber booth that was selling many different colors of hand dyed silk ribbons. They had a kit where you could pick out three ribbons, a package of beads, a magnetic clasp, and a needle to thread the beads for only $10! The necklace is done by crocheting "*ch2, place bead* repeat" and then braiding the three strands together! I chose two black ribbons and a shimmery black ribbon, some bluish-greenish-purplish-pinkish beads, and a silver clasp:

And, finally, I bought one pound of wool/alpaca blend fiber to spin! It is an extreme amount but I am excited to spin it up and then knit it into a sweater of some sort! 

I just love this color, I think it will make a nice sweater (I have this pattern in mind for it)

Overall, I had a great time at Stitches Midwest! I found some great things that will last me for quite a long time! 

Have any of you attended a Stitches convention this year or any fiber fest? What great finds did you buy?


  1. Wow! That van is the coolest things ever. I have never attended a fiber fest but now I can't wait to go!! :)

    1. Isn't it great? This was my first one and I had a blast! I bet you will too! :)

  2. oh my! That looks like a dream! Wish I could attend something like that (although not sure the husband would be crazy about it.... I would go nuts!) Those giant knitting needles... oh so fun!

    1. It was a great experience! Yeah, it was a little hard to narrow down the items I really wanted to fit my wallet and stash space... Aren't the big needles fun? I am inspired to get a pair someday soon and make a rug!