Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School In Style

In our school district, we start on Wednesday and those first three days are full of re-learning school rules, getting to know the teachers' syllabi, checking out text books, etc. After those first few days, our lessons start and our work loads become heavier and heavier (literally, my calculus book weights 6.5 pounds!!). All this running up and down the stairs between classes with heavy text books we work up quite an appetite! Which leads me to an FO:

Yes, a lunch bag! 

This pattern is roughly based off of this felted lunch bag; I ran out of black yarn and had to cut the length as well as have an acrylic bottom (the main part is made of wool so it can be felted) and instead of the tree, I opted for the constellation Orion!

I found these constellation charts on Ravelry and knew I had to accessorize something with Orion! This constellation is near and dear to me because Astronomy is one of my interests (as a hobby, not a career) and it was the first constellation I learned to identify. It can be found in the Southern sky, December through February (for Northwest Hemisphere residents). For real Astronomy geeks: yes, I know about the nebula that hangs down from Orion's belt and I was actually thinking of needle felting a little nebula there! Stay tuned for more details! :)

I think the bottom looks good with a little white on the bottom to give the bag a little more color! Also, the mixed yarn seems to be a little bit tougher than just the wool on itself.

Well, before I head off to start tackling my homework, I have to round up my little helper:

Biscuit helped quiz me on my psychology vocabulary last year...

I even got him to read To Kill A Mockingbird with me! I think he was a little disappointed that it turned out to be a book about racial injustice in the South rather than a step by step guide... maybe "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" is more his speed!


  1. I laughed out loud about your cat being disappointed with To Kill A Mockingbird. That was too cute!

  2. You have a delightful blog! Thanks for stopping by mine and I hope to visit again soon...

  3. What a cute lunch bag!!! Good luck with your classes ~ Biscuit looks like he's going to be very helpful :)