Sunday, August 26, 2012

Art Yarn Extravaganza!

Yesterday I took the Art Yarn Extravaganza class at my local fiber art studio, Esther's Place and it was so much fun! It was also a little challenging for me. As I mentioned a few months ago, the orifice (hole that the yarn is drawn through onto the bobbin) on my wheel  is small so it is a little harder to make big arty techniques and some of them definitely take lots of practice to get it right! Here are some pictures of the yarn and techniques we worked on:

Here is the first skein I spun! Aren't the colors so vibrant? I love it!

This is a Tunisian knot. I like this one because it looks like an organized tangle and is easy to make!

This is a beehive coil. This is one of my favorites because it is fun to make and looks awesome!

We did some beads (above) and some sequins (below)

We spun some silk cloth into the yarn in a little bow tie (above) and spun wrapped around the fiber (below). this looks really pretty and I like both ways of working them into the yarn.

Extremely colorful Lincoln Locks!! We spun them into the yarn flat (above) and then hanging down (below) I like the texture these add to the yarn because they are so curly!

Here is another technique we worked on:

This was plied with one single of fiber and two strands of thread, one being very sparkly with sequins in it.

The technique is so sparkly! (I think I may have spun a little too much sparkly yarn into it...) And the yellow see is another beehive coil (there are a lot of those in my art yarn!) 

The last thing we tried was core spinning! I found this technique to be the hardest to get accustomed too and mine is a little over-spun, but not bad for a first attempt!

Core spinning with a fiber mix!

Core spinning with Lincoln Locks! This was a little harder because you have to fluff them up and a few of mine could have used a little more fluffing... but like I said, first attempt! :)

There were a few other neat techniques but I couldn't find them in the yarn and they are hard to photograph (without real camera) so I'll leave those for the next art yarn encounter of mine! I am really excited to try some art yarn making but I still have to spin a pound of normal yarn for a project! (More on that in a week or two)

And now a brief garden update:

Look what we found: a tomato snowman!

Awwww isn't he cute?

What new things have you learned lately? Any funny mutants in your garden? Let me know in the comments below! Happy crafting and gardening!


  1. oh how lucky of you that you got to take a class like that! I enjoy watching videos on youtube about art yarn techniques. I can't wait until I can get into all that! My husband hinted that I may be getting a wheel at some point! eep! crossing my fingers!

    Your art yarns are so pretty! I love the colors and I think the beehive coils are my favorite!

  2. Thanks you made me look at my lonely wheel sitting here! Love the yarn you spun! Thanks for the creative tomato photo, you made me smile!

  3. Your spinning work is beautiful. I know that I am way too much of a control freak to take this on. And I like your tomato ... sadly, I only have one green tomato on my vine at the moment.