Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An FO and a WIP!

Remember this yarn?

Well after much thought, I decided that it was too rough to wear and so it would make a nice bag! I knitted two identically sized squares (definitely not identical color!) and stitched them together into a bigger messenger bag and then felted it. My inspiration was a bag that I had when I was little that was worn through because it was so convenient and well used. Here is the finished result!

I realized I still had a little ball of the dark brown roving so I spun it up really quick and crocheted a handle on it!

Close-up on the color patterns on each side of the bag:

Loving all of the colors and it is a nicer texture now that it felted! 

This bag will be going to Stitches Midwest with me on Friday (!!!!) and I am so excited to finally be going to it! I was supposed to attend last summer but a conflict came up and only my parents got to go! I have been dutifully saving my money and not buying ANYTHING aside from the occasional discount movie ticket (only $1.75 after all...). I won't be taking any of the classes but next year I would be interested in learning how to transition from the way I hold my yarn to continental!

And now for the WIP:

Here is the Margaret Dashwood Shawl so far! I still have close to 25 repeats of the increase pattern (and then the decrease pattern) but so far it is going very well for my first attempt at a lace pattern! The lace pattern is the basic YO, K2tog pattern that I have seen before, but it is the first time I used it in a pattern!
(Gotta love those colors too!) :)


  1. I love to knit purses! The bag looks great, and the shawl, I'm super impressed! Can't wait to see what you think of stiches!! Have fun!

    1. They are nice to knit and always practical! And thanks!