Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Skeins and Scones

I have at last finished spinning the eight ounces of pastel fiber that came in the braids! I finished plying the last bit this morning and have a total of five skeins. This also means that all my fiber has been spun... have to take the trip out to the fiber store!

So much yarn! I have around 514 yards of it and it is around DK weight! 

Here is a close-up; the lighting isn't the best here, but the thickness of the yarn is slightly varied and it is two ply!

I have always wanted to make something nice I can wear out in public and my first attempt at a sweater was very nice, but it was too warm to wear anywhere! So now I have my sights set on this Wave Shawl on Ravelry! I think that the yarn should be the right weight for it and I have plenty, so I am excited to start it! Just have to wait until the yarn is done drying after I washed it.

In the meantime, my sister and I decided to make some scones and have a little mid-morning tea and breakfast! We found this Simple Scone Recipe and decided to half the recipe to try it out. It turned out very well (we substituted dried cranberries in place of the raisins) and went along well with our tea! (They were a little thin since we halfed the recipe, so they might have been a little crispier and thinner than the regular recipe, but still tasty!)

Scones ready to bake!

Scones ready to eat! (They puffed up nicely, didn't they?)

No tea party is complete without English toppings for the scones! (Lemon curd is my favorite!)

The tea party! We have the scones (the breakfast side of brunch), grapes, tea, and some little cucumber sandwiches (the lunch side of brunch)!

So today was a pretty good day! Later I will be dropping off the pie and the reticule into the fair office and will be going to the fair tomorrow afternoon to see what other entries have been submitted and who won! Until then, happy spinning and baking!

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