Monday, July 23, 2012

"Let's Get Together"

Tomorrow is the day that all entries have to be tagged and dropped off at the county fair home economics building, and so today I have made the pie that I will be entering! I baked a blueberry pie for the category "Any other fruit pie" (cherry and apple have their own category).

To make one pie, I used 2 and a half cartons of fresh blueberries... mmmmm!

Now I always have this problem with the berry pies running over the edge no matter how much extra cornstarch I mix in. This time, I doubled the amount of cornstarch to put in and proceeded with the rest of the filling and the crust thinking that would at last work. The top crust went on beautifully, as well as the words "Let's Get Together" which is the fairs theme this year. It looked beautiful and I put it in the oven thinking it would be absolutely perfect! A half hour later, I came back into the kitchen to check on the pies progress and was greeted by smoke billowing and swirling out of the oven!! The pie dripped worse than any other pie and the filling was burning to the bottom of the oven. (But the pie was just fine!! Thank goodness...)

Big burned patches of blueberry filling burned to a crisp on the bottom of the oven... 

All the windows were opened despite it being a 90+ degree day and several fans and vents turned on to keep the smoke alarm going off and eventually the smoke cleared. When I took the pie out cautiously, a ton of the filling bubbled through the vents I slit into the top of the pie and made colored stains on a lot of the crust and the plate was a terrific mess. 

No purple stains on my pretty golden brown crust please!!

2 hours, lots of damp paper towels, and tons of patience later, I had continued to drain the pie of dangerously high juices, cleaned the edges of the pie pan, as well as scraped the dark parts of the crust off to make it cleaner. The final product cleaned up well and looks pretty darn good!

I definitely won't be ashamed to enter this into the fair tomorrow, especially considering that it is my first fair ever! 

I also going to enter the reticule I mentioned earlier into the small knitted item category in the Junior Division! 
In case you haven't see the last post, here is the reticule!

So we shall see how I fare (no pun intended) by Wednesday afternoon! Hoping for a blue ribbon!

And on the spinning front; I have been spinning and spinning and spinning the 8 ounces of the pastel roving and I have a TON! I have just a wee bit left to spin and ply, but I PROMISE I will finish it and post some pictures tomorrow! Until then, happy baking and spinning! 

Have you had any crazy baking stories where you had to impress someone and all hope seemed lost? Share below in the comments! 

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