Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Cat in the Hat

It's getting to be that point in the summer break when you start to go a little crazy looking for more things to occupy your time. Well, this morning was no different. My dear cat, Biscuit, walked by and I thought, "Wouldn't he look good in a blue beret?" I didn't have a pattern, I just measured his head (12 inches!!) and crocheted in the round and estimated when to increase and decrease. An hour later, Biscuit added a new crocheted hat and scarf to his wardrobe (which is surprisingly lacking at this point in time; limited to the fez previously posted)

He looks quite dashing, don't you think? 

Can anyone say "miaou?"

And while Biscuit may not have been particularly excited about his new chapeau, I was extremely excited about the new Jane Austen Knits magazine that came out earlier this summer! After hearing plenty of other knitters discussing their favorite patterns, I finally got to see them!

 I was instantly drawn to the new reticule in this issue:

This pattern is the Entrelac Reticule with Bobble Trim (pg 86) and is absolutely adorable! I am definitely going to be trying this pattern out because I have not yet tried entrelac. The reason I like the reticules is because the Regency era is my favorite era, and I am always looking for new accessories to add to my regency wardrobe. Last year, I did a diamond pattern reticule which turned out very nicely:

I used it on several occasions with my Regency dress and will be entering it into the county fair this year! 

As soon as I get my hands on some different colors of yarn to make the reticule, I will be casting on! Have you fell in love with any patterns lately? What projects are you excited to cast on or hook on (?) soon? Comment below to let me know! Happy crafting! 


  1. Oh my goodness. Biscuit certainly has a lovely face for hats! He looks adorable in his little beret! I wish Bucky and Cocoa would let me dress them up. And that reticule is gorgeous!
    xo Julie
    ♥Julie Rose Sews♥

  2. Biscuit says thanks, lol! :) He is a very mellow cat (none of our other cats would let us get close to them with a hat!)