Friday, July 13, 2012

Spinning and Drafting

Remember this wool from so long ago?

Well, I have finally unwound the braids on the two wheels and began to spin it up! A large chunk of time in taking the wool from the braid to the spun yarn is drafting. For those not familiar with the official term, drafting is the pulling of the wool so that it is easier to spin. This step is important as it helps to maintain consistency in the thickness of the spun yarn! Here is a picture that may help illustrate drafting: 

The strand on the left is the thickness of the roving straight off the braid and the strand on the left is the drafted roving.

Here is a pile of the drafted roving; it is so fluffy like fuzzy clouds! It looks a lot lighter than the original roving, but once it is spun tightly, it will retain it's darker color. (Although my roving was on the pastel side to begin with...)

And so I have been spinning and spinning this roving away, and have finished an entire spool with plenty left over! I am going to have quite a bit of this yarn; enough to make some kind of garment I hope! One interesting little tip I learned in my spinning class (which you may or may not already know): If you take a strand of your spinning and let it fold back on itself, this will give you a fairly accurate idea of how thick your yarn will be after you have plied it on itself! 

This is perhaps a little thicker than what I had planned, but it is pretty no less!

Here is a picture of the first spool I spun! I am expecting to have 3 spools after both braids have been spun:

(I always leave a little extra on a spool because sometimes the plied yarn takes a little extra space and I like to keep it neat)

What projects have you been working on lately? Have you got any tips to pass along that you have learned or discovered on your own? Comment below! 


  1. Oh, that's gorgeous! The colors are fantastic. And that's a great tip about leaving a bit of space on the bobbin, I tend to fill mine completely with singles, leaving me with more-than-a-bobbin's worth of plied yarn. Hmm... well, lately I've been trying to achieve the thickness of yarn that I want by working more on my treadling and drafting speed, rather than relying on the tension or whorl size to do it for me.
    Can't wait to see your yearn plied up!
    xo Julie

    1. Thank you! I really liked the pastel colors too! Yes, yarn thickness definitely comes from a combination of factors and figuring out which ones to manipulate for different effects is pretty important!