Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Week of the Fair!

My pie and reticule did extremely well for my first exhibition in the fair! First, the reticule...

Second premium! This was entered in the Needlework category of the Junior Division and won 2nd place out of all the crocheted, knitted, quilted, and miscellaneous embroidery!

Then, the pie...

Here is what it looked like (the theme of the fair was "Let's Get Together")

My pie looked like this and I was kind of confused why all the photos and knitted etc got ribbons and the food only got a sticker, but it turns out that you have to pick up the ribbon after the fair:

Yes, the prized First Premium Blue Ribbon! I can officially say I am an award winning pie baker and knitter! :) I am so thrilled! 

Here is my check for $15 dollars; prize money for the two premium winners! Not bad for a first timer!

The Top 10 2012 County Fair Fun List:

1. Seeing all the entries in the Home Ec building that people have worked so hard on (and my ribbons!)          There are always some extremely beautiful works. My favorite was a beautiful knitted afghan with sheep that won !

2. Looking at all the cute animals, especially the dairy cows and sheep (my favorites!) Someday I would like to have a few pet sheep and process their wool!

3. Visiting all the sponsor tables. I mean you get all kinds of free stickers and booklets, my favorite local radio station was giving out window stickers, and all the free candy!

4. Wool Shearing/ Wool Spinning. Every year Esther's Place Fibers (my local/favorite fiber shop) has a booth with a sheep shearer and they demonstrate shearing, spinning, and felting and this year I helped demonstrate spinning!

5. Vintage farm equipment. I love seeing all the old tractors and plows and threshers. Some of the old machines from the 1890's were lent to the fair by the living history farm I volunteer at!

6. Little side shows. This year, I saw a flea circus, magic show, neat old school country band, an extreme bubble show, and toured a log home that was build in the trunk of an old California Redwood tree! It was skinny, but suprisingly livable! 

7. The food, of course! When it is fair week, it is time to forget any sort of healthy eating, and just go try stuff! Unfortunately, the exotic fried food truck didn't come this year so no deep fried snickers bars, but of course we got the classic corn dog, tried a red velvet funnel cake (delicious), and they had potato chips that were a single potato cut in a long spiral strand and put on a stick... cool!

8. Famous singers: This year at the fair, the country artist Kip Moore, singer of "Somethin' 'bout a Truck" was the biggest act! Although I didn't buy tickets to see the concert, I was able to hear several of his songs walking around near the Grandstand... 

9. The local farmers' booths. Walking around the "Ag-ventureland" we met dairy farmers, bee keepers, sheep farmers, maple syrup makers, and other interesting farmers who are extremely friendly and completely willing to teach you all about their trades.

10. All the workers and volunteers in the fair. They are all so friendly to everyone, from dropping off entries to picking them up, and they really do their best to make sure demonstrators have enough water and everyone knows what is happening in different parts of the fair! So if any volunteers from the fair read this, Thank you!!! :)

The county fair really is a big highlight of summer and I am already planning some more knitting projects for next year! What is your favorite fair memory? Have you entered any articles into a fair before, and how did you fare (pun intended this time)? Comment below!

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