Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Messenger Bag

So I was digging around in my fiber/yarn pile and I came across some very nice Corridale turquoise wool that I had been saving for a few months (either really good self discipline there, or I just forgot about it... definitely the latter!!) and feverishly spun it up and plied it on itself. I really enjoyed the colors of this wool because some of it is darker and some is ligher and when they were plied together it made quite a nice effect. The yarn ended up being medium weight and there was 100 yards or so, and I decided to knit a messenger bag one weekend!*  Here is the result:

The final product is a little different than the pattern because I shortened the flap so I wouldn't run out of yarn to make the handle and it ended up being a little wider than the picture on the pattern, but it suits me just fine! I also added a little plastic gold heart button as a closure just to have a little more security. I have used this bag A LOT already this summer! Living in the suburbs without a driver's license = bike everywhere or rot in your house all summer, so this little shoulder bag is perfect; it doesn't get in the way of pedaling and is just the right size to fit a pair of sunglasses, a phone, a house key, and/ or a wallet!

As a little side story, I decided to ride 1000 miles on my bicycle this summer. I am the kind of person who likes to get things done as soon as possible and find long term goals and activities kind of annoying (As time goes on, you will see many of my knitting projects are ones that can be completed in 1-3 days, if that). To ride 1000 miles will take me all summer and I have to keep at it each day (around 11 miles per day) so it will be a great way to get myself used to setting and achieving goals that cannot be completed in a week or less. 

* Here is the link to the pattern I used for the bag; found it on**

** You can find me on Ravelry too! Feel free to friend me: Grace-B (I will work on getting all my pictures and projects updated for you guys!)


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